Sunday, August 17, 2008

Delivering to the hood

Tonight was fairly busy at the pizza shop. Which was good cause I could use some money. I had to deal with Annoying Kevin and Slow Ken a little, but since I wasn't in the store much it wasn't too bad.

I have another person to add to the Wall of Shame. Ms. Clark at the Galleria Apartments located at 2603 Galleria Lane, Smyrna GA 30080 didn't tip me tonight.

She ordered one pizza and I got her pizza out to her pretty quick. Her total was $19.60. She smiled as she handed me a 20 and told me to keep the change. I tried to get a photo of her place but as soon I left her door a couple hood rats started yelling at her. I am sure they were friends since they were joking around a bit.

One of the guys started yelling "I smell money!" to her. I think he just wanted some free pizza from her.

It mostly ticked me off that she said "keep the change." I just turned around and walked back to my car without saying anything to her. I was in a hurry to get other pizzas out to tipping customers, so I left made that I even wasted my time on her.

Anyway, here is our newest member to the wall again:
Ms. Clark
Galleria Apartments off of Spring Rd.
2603 Galleria Lane,
Smyrna, GA 30080

here are my stats for the night"

Tips made: $57
Runs taken: 13
Miles driven: ?? (sorry, I forgot to check the odometer)

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