Friday, August 22, 2008

a funny video

I am actually off this weekend and won't have many stories to share. But never fear, I will at least give you this funny video:

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My love/hate relationship with QuickTrip

I was reminded today why I hate QT ... and why I love it.

Let's start with why I love it. The gas prices are usually the cheapest, it has a good selection of cheap decent food (taquitos!) and the fountain drinks are so cheap! It is really a savor on long nights of driving around down.

But, you take your life into your own hands every time you are in that parking lot. It is usually so busy and people are doing crazy driving maneuvers in the smallest spaces. Today, I pulled into a local QT and right away was confronted with a situation.

A van was backing into a parking spot and his bumper was just sliding in. A truck pulled into the parking lot and for some reason decided to drive between the van and the end of his parking spot. The truck stopped in the middle of the spot realizing he was driving in the parking area and other cars in front of him were blocking him (duh). So, the van starts honking because he is blocked and the truck has nowhere to go. Another truck is now waiting behind the first truck trying to get thru.

Finally the first truck pulls forward and just backs into a parking spot. Problem solved right? No! The second truck (who just witnessed this) decides to also pull behind the van. So the whole scene is repeated. Cars are backed up all around them because the punks have no idea how to drive.

About this time I just swung around to the back and parked, partly to get out of the way and partly to move on with my life. When I came out of the store (with energy drink in hand) the cars had somehow worked it out, but this is the nonsense I see all the time.

I do love the QT, but I try not to visit it during busy times because people simply cannot drive!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Rich people don't tip

When I first got to work yesterday, it was extremely slow. I sat around for about an hour just talking smack with the manager and other drivers. Eventually a quasi-soccer/volleyball game broke out in the back room. I didn't play (I was too busy eating one of our new sandwiches) but Manager Drew ended up winning.

Then all of a sudden it got busy.

Only one run was really noteworthy and that was the delivery to 2453 Tyne Terrace. This neighborhood is a little farther away than many in our area, but it is full of really nice homes, so you can usually expect a good tip. Which is exactly what I did when I saw the address. But as I pulled up to the house, I vaguely remembered getting a small tip there before (I am thinking it was $1). But still, I pressed on. I mean this house was beautiful, and with an Escalade and a Mercedes SUV in the driveway I should get a decent tip.

So I went to the door, rang the bell and waited. While I stood there, I heard little kids playing just on the other side of the door. They started making faces at me and playing around through the window. Then eventually an older man answered the door. I don't know if he was the kid's grandfather or perhaps just an old dad. Either way I handed him the credit card receipt. He quickly signed it and handed it back to me.

This is exactly the type of person that needs to be put on the Wall of Shame. He clearly has some coin and is stingy with it. If you don't want to tip your delivery man, then don't get delivery! The worst part is he will probably have those children doing the same thing when they grow up.

I was talking about this delivery to another driver, Stan the Man, later in the evening. He said he remembered delivering to that house before too, and also got no tip. These people are repeat non-tippers!!

Anyway, here is the official mark on the wall:

listed to Beth Toberman
2453 Tyne Terrace SE
Smyrna, GA 30080

Just a thought, I have these people's phone numbers too. Should I start listing that on the Wall of Shame?

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Delivering to the hood

Tonight was fairly busy at the pizza shop. Which was good cause I could use some money. I had to deal with Annoying Kevin and Slow Ken a little, but since I wasn't in the store much it wasn't too bad.

I have another person to add to the Wall of Shame. Ms. Clark at the Galleria Apartments located at 2603 Galleria Lane, Smyrna GA 30080 didn't tip me tonight.

She ordered one pizza and I got her pizza out to her pretty quick. Her total was $19.60. She smiled as she handed me a 20 and told me to keep the change. I tried to get a photo of her place but as soon I left her door a couple hood rats started yelling at her. I am sure they were friends since they were joking around a bit.

One of the guys started yelling "I smell money!" to her. I think he just wanted some free pizza from her.

It mostly ticked me off that she said "keep the change." I just turned around and walked back to my car without saying anything to her. I was in a hurry to get other pizzas out to tipping customers, so I left made that I even wasted my time on her.

Anyway, here is our newest member to the wall again:
Ms. Clark
Galleria Apartments off of Spring Rd.
2603 Galleria Lane,
Smyrna, GA 30080

here are my stats for the night"

Tips made: $57
Runs taken: 13
Miles driven: ?? (sorry, I forgot to check the odometer)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another slow night, no tip

Well the hits just keep coming. After taking a while to find someone for the wall of shame, I have a new customer to add to it. And I don't feel bad about this one.

Keshia Lowery at 2630 Argo Dr. in Smyrna, GA didn't tip me tonight. Here is the house:

She only ordered one pizza, but there were about 16 people inside having some sort of party. She clearly wasn't hurting for money (and if she were, she shouldn't have me deliver a pizza to her). Her total was $12.18. She handed me $20. I gave her back the appropriate change and watched her slowly count. I was expecting her to hand me a tip here and asked her if everything was cool. She said yea and closed the door. So, I am glad to add her to the wall of shame.

In other pizza news, my store recently started selling oven-cooked sandwiches and they are totally decent. I mean, why a pizza place would want to sell pizzas is beyond me, but if they can make some money off it than more power to them. Anyway, if there isn't a Subway around and you don't have any sandwich stuff already in your house, then the subs are worth a try.

Tips made:$29
Runs taken: 7
Miles Driven: 30

Friday, August 15, 2008

Our first victim

Well, it took longer than expected, but we have our first non-tipping scumbag to add to the wall of shame.

On Tuesday night I took a delivery to the La Quinta on Paces Ferry Road. I knocked on room 118 and was greeted by a seemingly nice Asian man. I told him his total of $11.43 and this guy hands me $11.50!!! Now, I kinda feel bad that he has to go on the hall of shame. This guy may not understand our culture and that tipping is required. Waiters and waitresses make about 15 percent of the total check. I get maybe $2 and i drive the food all the way to your house!! That doesn't seem fair, especially considering gas prices these days.

But back to my Asian friend, according to my ticket his name is Uang. Well sir, you may not know our customs, but you are being called out! You are the first on our wall of shame!

LaQuinta Inn room 118
2415 Paces Ferry Rd
Atlanta, GA 30339

The rest of the night went ok. Here are the stats of the night:

Tips made: $49
Runs taken:11
Miles driven: 32

Monday, August 11, 2008

Don't bite the messenger

If I would have known starting this blog would cause all my customers to always tip, I would have started it a long time ago. As often as I typically get stiffed, I would have thought my wall of shame would be nearly endless by now. But I am still waiting for our first victim.

Last night ended up being a pretty good night. I didn't get stiff and made $47 in tips. It was mostly a steady night, not too busy or too slow. As far as interesting things there was only one thing and it seems pretty tame.

I delivered to an apartment. As I stood waiting on the porch, from a near by park running up the stairs with her dog. Well, it is probably more accurate to say she was being dragged by her dog. The dog was a huge black German Shepard and it was barreling at me. The woman wasn't strong enough to control it and she fell to her knees as the dog made its way toward me.

I stood still, cornered on the front porch, wondering what the dog would do. Fortunately, the dog was friendly and instead of ripping my head off, it simply smelled me and barked a lot. I know these seems more like a mailman's blog, but i could have been attacked.

I love big dogs, but I also think you better be able to control your dog. But end the end it wasn't a big deal, just an excited dog. Plus, I made a $3 tip.

I work again on Tuesday night. Maybe we can add someone to the wall of shame then.

Tips made: $47
Orders taken: 12
Miles driven: 41

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Don't invite me in your house!

Tonight was kind of slow again. Luckily, it picked up toward the end, so it wasn't a total wash. The tips were average- nothing large and no stiffs.

I was sort of hoping to get a stiff so I could post all the info w/picture of the scum bag on here, but I guess I will have to wait just a little longer.

Nothing too exciting happened tonight, but a woman did invite me into her apartment. It is always a little weird when someone asks you to come inside. This lady was nice and it wasn't a big deal, but I always feel awkward going into someone's home. I mean, typically I just stand there while they get the money. What am I supposed to do? I just stand there looking around and trying not to intrude. It is just a lot easier to hang out at the doorway. I don't really understand why someone would invite the pizza man in the house anyway. I mean how do they know I am not some sort of crazy person?

I am just saying, it is a lot less complicated if you don't invite me in your home.

Tips made: $38
Runs made: 13
Miles driven: 47

I have to work again tomorrow, hopefully I will make some better loot. If not, hopefully I can get some stiffs so I can put all the info on here.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

A slow night

Last night was a slow night. I arrived at work just before 5 p.m. and sat around with 4 other drivers for about an hour before I took my first delivery. During the down time we basically fooled around and talked some trash.

During the down time Driver Drew (there is another Drew, the manager) decided to prank call Chris (the geeky assistant manager). So, from the lobby Driver Drew called Geeky Chris and started asking about specials. Drew and Chris were about two feet apart, face-to-face and Chris didn't realize it was Drew on the line for about five minutes. Sometimes, Geeky Chris is also, Dummy Chris.

Anyways, it was a pretty boring night. There was a lot of sitting around waiting for the phone to ring. I didn't really think I was going make much money until the last two runs of the night. That is when a Hispanic chick gave me $6 and a rich old white guy gave me $10 (rich old white guys are the best).

I work again on Saturday and the weekends are always crazy, so I should have some good posts to share after that.

Total runs: 7
Tips made : $42