Friday, August 22, 2008

My love/hate relationship with QuickTrip

I was reminded today why I hate QT ... and why I love it.

Let's start with why I love it. The gas prices are usually the cheapest, it has a good selection of cheap decent food (taquitos!) and the fountain drinks are so cheap! It is really a savor on long nights of driving around down.

But, you take your life into your own hands every time you are in that parking lot. It is usually so busy and people are doing crazy driving maneuvers in the smallest spaces. Today, I pulled into a local QT and right away was confronted with a situation.

A van was backing into a parking spot and his bumper was just sliding in. A truck pulled into the parking lot and for some reason decided to drive between the van and the end of his parking spot. The truck stopped in the middle of the spot realizing he was driving in the parking area and other cars in front of him were blocking him (duh). So, the van starts honking because he is blocked and the truck has nowhere to go. Another truck is now waiting behind the first truck trying to get thru.

Finally the first truck pulls forward and just backs into a parking spot. Problem solved right? No! The second truck (who just witnessed this) decides to also pull behind the van. So the whole scene is repeated. Cars are backed up all around them because the punks have no idea how to drive.

About this time I just swung around to the back and parked, partly to get out of the way and partly to move on with my life. When I came out of the store (with energy drink in hand) the cars had somehow worked it out, but this is the nonsense I see all the time.

I do love the QT, but I try not to visit it during busy times because people simply cannot drive!

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