Monday, September 8, 2008

Peacocks, Muslims and a little cash

Well I will say it was a pretty good weekend. I am desperately trying to get a pic of Abid the Muslim since I think he is about to be a blog favorite. I hate that I have to say this every time I mention him, but he is a really nice guy and totally not a terrorist. That being said Ramadan just began, so every day at sundown he has to take some time off of work to go pray and end his fast. This works out for me since these are usually busy times. I get at least 2 extra deliveries during this time--score one for me!!

I only got stiffed one time this weekend. It was at the Mission Ridge apartments and I could tell it was going to happen. The place wasn't well light and when the guy opened the door, I could just see it in his eyes. He had rap music blaring in the background and wasn't wearing a shirt. If he had extra money, he certainly wasn't going to give it to me. I tried to get a photo of the place, but, like I said, it was pretty dark at his place.

Anyways the guys name is Brandon Smith and he is our latest addition to the Pie of Shame:
Brandon Smith
3319 Mission Ridge Bldg # 34
Atlanta, GA 30080

On a more pleasant note, I saw peacocks while delivering on Sunday. Here are a couple of pics, but they didn't come out too well.

These were actually at an apartment complex off of Spring Hill Rd. If you know the area, you know there isn't any real reason for these 2 peacocks to be there. So, I was very surprised to see them just hanging out in the parking lot. I thought about throwing something at them so they would spread their feathers, but I didn't really want to scare them off. Plus, they don't seem to have those long feathers. I believe only the males have them, so these 2 may have been females. If they were looking for a mate, they were definitely in the wrong part of town.

Here are my stats from Saturday and Sunday. They were both decent days, but Sunday was great. It wasn't crazy busy, but steady and it seemed like everything I took had another run that just had to go with it. At least twice I delivered to 2 different people in one hotel on the same run. That is always good money.

Tips made: $39
Runs taken: 9
Stiffs: 1

Tips made: $62
Runs taken: 15
Stiffs: 0
Peacocks spotted: 0

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