Monday, September 1, 2008

Catch up time

OK, I haven't been able for awhile so this post is a bit of a catch up.

It was an OK night. At one point another driver, Abid the Muslim, was getting mad because he had been there about 6 hours and only made $15. He isn't a terrorist or anything, but he was pretty upset throwing around a lot of Allah this and revenge that stuff (that's not true actually).

Later in the evening I answered the phone and took an order from a very friendly woman. She said "Now baby... if you can get that pizza here fast, I promise you are going to be very happy!"

Well Abid the Muslim got the order and I told him what she said. When he got back he said she asked "Have you been good?"

"Yea," he said
"Oh and have you been bad?" she said.
"Well, a little bit."

She then said she would tip him $5 per hug and then hugged him 3 times. He was in a much better mood when he got back to the store.

I have 2 people to add to the Pie of Shame (formerly the wall of shame).
The first was at the La Quinta, located at 2415 Paces Ferry Rd. Atlanta, Ga. 30339. It was room 108 and the customer's name was Orlando Vigo. It was a couple of Hispanic guys. They seemed to be in town for the Alabama and Clemson game. Usually, Hispanic guys tip OK, but this guy just signed his credit card slip and handed it back to me.

The second one, was a thousand times more annoying. I delivered to the Double Tree Hotel on 2055 South Park Place, Atlanta Ga. 30339. The front desk won't let pizza men deliver to the room, so they call the customer down to the lobby while you wait. I sat there for close to 10 minutes before a huge black woman came up. She said to hold on while she went out the front door to find someone. She came back after another 5 minutes and made a call up to the room asking someone else to bring some money. But as she did, two of her friends (sons maybe) walked up to pay me. The bill was $26.65. The woman walked away and one of the guys handed me a handful of ones and a bunch of loose change. I quickly counted the bills. There was only $6 there!

I told the guy he owed me some money because there was no way he have me $20 worth of change. I know that guy was hoping I would just shove the money in my pocket and walk away. So he reached in another pocket pulled out some a load of cash and handed it to me without even counting it.

But I took my time and counted every single dime. He gave me EXACT change and about $7 of it was in change!!! I simply put the money in my pocket and walked out. Unfortunately I didn't get any of there names and wasn't able to get photos.

here are my stats for Saturday:
tips made: $49
runs: 13
stiffs: 2

This day was slammed. The football crowd was still in town and buying pizza during the long Labor Day holiday. Most of the tips were good and didn't get stiffed a single time!

I did deliver to a nice neighborhood near Teasley Elementary School and they were having a cute little fundraiser. There were some young kids playing some live rock music (playing poorly, but that's not the point). They were playing to a crowd of parents in the front yard. It was really just a cool/nice thing to see. They ordered $47 worth of pizza and tipped $7.

My stats for Sunday:
Tips made: $65
runs: 17
stiffs: 0!!
rockbands seen: 1

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Abid the Muslim is awesome!